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" Doublenik "
" Doublenik "
" The Mock "
" The Mock "
" The Koa Marlin "
" The Koa Marlin "
Helliver Pilot
Helliver Pilot
Koa Marlin II
Koa Marlin II
Huber Jazz Project
Huber Jazz Project
my first: Framus Electrona
my first: Framus Electrona
40 years later....
40 years later....

It started all with a Framus Texan
my father bought me for a good
school report; that reward was supposed
to keep me off electric guitars and
"Beatmusic "...
I HAD to have an electric guitar though -
and a friend helped me out with a sparkling,
flashy Framus Electrona , which enabled me
to play loud and on stage...
That happened 1968 ....
Playing the guitar for 40 years lead to
an infection from the Common Guitar
Virus (CGV); the natural antidot,
the wife or girlfriend, has meanwhile
stopped being effective enough to
control the disease.

´ My wife is going to divorce me if I
bought another guitar. I´m sure gonna miss
my lady...(Unknown Artist)

I have -unfortunately- to add, that two of the
most desirable guitars on the page,
PRS Santana, Serial Nr.S 24331 and the
PRS Artist I #361, Serial Nr.2 15055 have
only been in my custody for a long time ,
but actually belong to my good buddy
Sven Lang,whome I hereby thank
for letting me have them.

My greatful thanks also go to Nik Huber,
who in the last couple of years helped
me fulfill long persued dreams by custom
building for me `The Koa Marlin´,
´The Mock´,the incredible ´DoubleNik´
and another first, the stunning ´The Jazz

Many thanks also to Ken Warmoth , who
partly provided the ´raw materials´ for
a couple of my projects.

And : Thanks Honey , for having me in
spite of all that...!

The years have shown that many of the
manufacturers in the guitar business
have dropped their quality immensely,
though prizes grew higher and higher.
Above all, collecting special guitars became
an incredible factor in the investment
business.Gibson introduced a veritable,
fireproof safe for 6 guitars on the 2002
Frankfurt Musik Messe to be able to
protect (artificially vintaged?) guitars from
theft and accidental damage...
Does any of these investors really make
music? And if so: Do they prefer making
it on the new Line6 guitars
(No matter if any kind of craftsmanship or
skills at all were necessary to build a
guitar like this? Without any soul or
affection?),where they can have a Strat,
a Les Paul , a PRS , a Huber AND a classical
Ramirez at hand with the flip of
a 5-way blade switch,having in mind not
to ´hurt´ their investments and thus
ruining the babies by not playing them.

I thank the Lord for being as old as I am,
cause that enabled me to enjoy an
incredible development in a field, that
might not exist anymore in a not
too far future...

When my good buddy Sven introduced me to
the “Pilot” in Summer 2004 it immediately
got me by looks and craftsmanship.
I called Oliver Kasischke (Baron,as he
renamed himself lately) and ordered one
right away.
A couple of weeks later that damned
little guitar started getting me again and
again by performance ever since: It sings ,
it screams and it cries with incredible
vibrant dynamics and sustain. That guy
Oliver definitely knows what he´s doing….!
I just HAD to customize it a little bit
to even push the looks to accommodate
the sound….:-))
Freddy Weigel (www.metal.tattoo),
engraved and polished the top
marvellously to make the guitar the
one-of-a-kind piece it is today.

In the last couple of years my good friend
Nik Huber helped me to realize a project
I had come a long way with in my
mind already: A hollow Dolphin
with spruce top and maple rims
and back, all solid and handcarved:
The Jazz Project.
Since Nik had to do it all besides his
regular work orders, it took him quite some
time to complete it - but the guitar
proved to be worth every single day
of the waiting time: The project turned
out a real miracle in craftsmanship and

In January 2010 Nik topped my collection
with the "Koamarlin II", a marvelous ,
TV Jones pickup equipped Dolphin II Custom
with a fabulous setup, including a Marlin inlay behind
the bridge on an incredible Koa top ,that sits on a maple
pinstripped , quilted
mahogany core, featuring a finishless ,
also maple pinstripped, brazilian rosewood neck.


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